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The curative powers of pop: Qwiet Type and Andrew Bailie reviewed

Qwiet Type and Andrew Bailie reviewed

Andrew Bailie – Fuck The OPD

You know that one culture has truly won control over the minds and souls of the planet when even their curse words sound like the most common thing you’re likely to hear. What I meant is that it’s difficult to say the word “fuck” anymore and get it to sound nasty and menacing. 

In some situations, maybe this is for the best. After all, Andrew Bailie’s Fuck The OPD is also a sophisticated-sounding R&B protest song, and in the past, such a title might have listeners away. The tune takes a shot at the injustices in modern societies, especially the widely reported acts of police violence and medical mismanagement that have taken place in the U.S.A. during the past year. 

Protest songs are always welcome and the way in which we greet them, in many ways, signifies just how devoted we are to the democratic process. Nowhere is it more true than when you disagree with what is being sung. Still, if that is the case, still give the music a fair shot. The soulful vocals, the hip hop flavour, and modern production make this worthy of your attention.

Qwiet Type – Colors In My Dreams

I like honest pop music even if none of what I write may hint at this. See, I have concocted a theory. There are two types of pop music, and both of them are looking to lift your wallet while you’re not looking, all too busy dancing. The first one is evil and is programmed to sell sex, drugs, and all matter of hype to audiences that usually don’t know any better. The second one is not well-meaning, but certainly not malevolent. It simply tries to make as many people move and be joyous as it can. This kind of music is not interested in people obsessing about the most recent Tom Waits release, but in folks willing to have a good time. I respect that fairness. 

Qwiet Type is that kind of musical project. There’s a shameless resolution at the heart of this to make as many people interested in the group as it can get. For that purpose, the bass is thumping, the vocal lines are simple and melodic, and the arrangement mimics what you may hear on most radio stations. 

But, mere pop this is not, and this is where we come in. Sure, this is at the more commercial spectre of alternative music but could fit into an indie-disco’s playlist once the participants had consumed enough booze to really make them want to boogie. Qwiet Type’s Colors In My Dreams is an electro-dance number that is destined, for the time being, to be consumed in living rooms across the world rather than in nightclubs. 

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