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It’s the end of the world: Qwiet Type and Danica Bryant reviewed

Qwiet Type and Danica Bryant reviewed

Danica Bryant – Ready to Bite


Genre:  Pop Rock, Alternative Rock

People who live and die by their fancy guitar music tend to scoff at the idea of pop music. This is a shame. And, essentially their disregard for commercial entertainment is based on the, sometimes, false assumption that because much of the music business is corrupt, the same goes for the people trying to put their foot forward in the same industry. 

However, through and through, pop music simply reflects the musical elements that are deemed the most commercially pleasing at the time that the music is made. The Beatles were a pop group at a time when a bunch of British kids dressed in suits playing skiffle music was that period’s equivalent of a boy band. 

No, usually the only thing truly worth having doubts about pop music for is its lack of depth and bravery. These are not traits one would associate with Danica Bryant. Her new single, Ready to bite, is a commercial effort, for sure. However, it makes use of loud guitars like an action movie might utilize giant quantities of explosives. The vocals are sharp and the lyrics are audacious. This is a pop song looking to cause a riot. In the treadmill world of pop music, this all helps paint the picture of a pop star willing to add the kind of weight to her songs that her rivals almost always choose to ignore. It’s pop music with a sharp aftertaste. 

Qwiet Type – Taking On Water

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

There was a time when people were clambering to the movie theatres to watch disaster movies faster than the boys back in Hollywood could make them. Now, these are not exactly date movie material. These were films about various public spaces being blown to smithereens, about planes falling out of the sky, submarines getting a leak, crops turning to dust. 

They were the modern equivalent of the Seven Plagues of Egypt and they thrilled people to no doubt. Now, naturally, one might assume that the reason for it was that the general population was a little down and blue at the time that these films were produced. The movies were part of pop culture, just like the songs on the radio, or the politicians being sworn into office. 

It would only make sense that the ultimate pop singles in 2021 should reflect the growing sense of unrest, but make us dance as well. See, pop music does not stop for calamities. It integrates them. That’s what Qwiet Type does on Taking On Water, with lyrics that sound like blues dedicated to the end of days and a groove that shimmies like Travolta through the streets of New York City. It’s infectious, it should sell out quickly, and the End of Times should do as well making those who’ve had the foresight a hefty profit. 

Danica Bryant - Ready to Bite


Qwiet Type - Taking On Water




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