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Bad news for people that love bad news: Rainmail and Bakers Eddy reviewed

Rainmail and Bakers Eddy reviewed

Bakers Eddy – My Baby’s Like Cigarettes

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock

Bakers Eddy have written a powerful, hilarious song about life falling apart on you with My Baby’s Like Cigarettes.

Learn to give bad news without being hated, and, without a doubt, you’ll find yourself on the fast track to a great career. Call it lying if you will, but the great liars all like to believe it’s simply a matter of how they tell the story. 

Love songs about the abhorrent, disastrous fates that befall those that are involved in such romances, are as old and as frequently written as songs about the power of love. Furthermore, they’re more often based on reality. This means audiences might remember the artists writing them for a longer time. 

Bakers Eddy is a charmer of a song about the inescapable dangers of love. My Baby’s Like Cigarettes is an indie-pop number that sounds like someone having a tantrum. It’s the pop-rock equivalent to a musician breaking their guitar in rage, or cussing at the audience. It’s pop music about getting used to discomfort. 

Rainmail – The Goatman

Genre: Folk, Indie Rock, Emo

Rainmail write the kind of songs that only those talented enough, and hopeless enough are able to produce. 

There’s a great story that Gene Ween relates second-hand, on a podcast, about Leonard Cohen. It involves Mr Cohen recording music out in Nashville, and having a man whip him repeatedly while murmuring “You must repent!”. Allegedly…

Even if that great anecdote turns out not to be true, it is still greatly indicative of the way that the kind of music Mr Cohen used to make is perceived by others. It’s tortured art made by people with immense potential who somehow wouldn’t have wanted to become lawyers, doctors, or novelists.

Rainmail sound like people who’ve grown up soaking this kind of music. It hasn’t entirely weighed them down though. If anything, on The Goatman they showcase a mature, clever sound that they’ve patiently built for themselves. It’s beautiful, desperate, and it feels sung by a person slowly sinking in quicksand.

Bakers Eddy - My Baby's Like Cigarettes


Rainmail - The Goatman




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