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Learning it all again: Range Life and Corlyx reviewed

Range Life and Corlyx reviewed

Corlyx – The Echo

Genre: Post-Punk

I come from a proud land where taking a cue from successful examples in the past is downright frowned upon. No, instead people believe they have the right to originality, making their own mistakes and, by God, not having anyone meddling in the business. The result is, regularly, a perpetual series of false starts and disappointing failures. 

Just about every goal in life can be viewed as the highest peak of a game. Learning to play any game can be done by observing those that have had the best approach. Now, of course, willingness to learn is not enough. One also needs to know where to look, what to pick, and what to discard. In other words, it’s a combo of effort and talent that comes into play. 

Corlyx’s The Echo, on first listen, is everything that a fan of old-school goth and post-punk records might want to hear. Is this an exercise in nostalgia though? Hardly so. This is a group that possesses the talent to know how to assemble the track for it to fit into a modern context, and how to let their own feelings be heard loud and clear within the format of a 3-minute single. 

Range Life – free soul

Many of the future great, young songwriters wish to capture trauma in its most elemental form when they begin their work. After all, the majority of the art that you love the most was created by shy folks who take life’s hardships personally. The wounded have all the great stories.

While, certainly, sadness plays an important role in the great book on songwriting, capturing its essence is no simple trick. The greatest of despair, just like the greatest romances, are as hard to describe as looking to gather slowly melting butter in the palm of your hand. 

Range Life don’t only sound like they’ve lived through it, or like their hearts have not yet been turned to stone by difficult circumstances, but also like the kind of clever musicians who can deliver their stories in a powerful, compelling way. Free soul is an indie rocker that is all tension and release, minimalist rock, guitar & steady drums. These formulas were used in the past by others but mastered by only a few. That list includes Range Life. 

Corlyx - The Echo


Range Life - free soul




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