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Classic groover: Reviews of singles by Robert Connely Farr and Visc.

Reviews of singles by Robert Connely Farr and Visc.

Visc. – Dirty Rotten Love

“Dirty Rotten Love” sounds like a song that Muse made while experimenting with the novel idea of having fun for a change and the even more outrageous idea of under-playing their virtuoso abilities. Visc. possesses those kinds of vocals and a fancy for the musically outrageous. But, unlike the Brit proggers whom I just referenced, Visc. also like a groove and, most likely, a drink or two. 

Dirty Rotten Love” straddles the realm between ridiculous nursery rhymes and serious genre-bending. It’s an issue that never much bothered Freddie Mercury, one imagines, and not one with which our own hero should much trouble himself. 

Dirty Rotten Love” sounds boastful and celebratory. The singers’ voice swings and slides, happy to showcase his upper range to all paying customers. And, if you wanted to hear the most charmingly-silly solo this side of Queen’s Bicycle Race, spend a moment on this gem. 

Robert Connely Farr – Girl In The Holler 

Leo Bud Welch’s original “Girl in the holler” was a rhythm machine where the groove was so good it could have easily carried the tune on its shoulders even if its writer would have decided to extend it to prog-rock dimensions. 

Much like the early Brit-invasion boys did to North American blues, Robert Connely Farr takes the original and electrifies it here to the point where the whole neighborhood is bound to go dark any second now. 

There’s a subtlety in Welch’s version. And, while Farr doesn’t mess around, creeping menacingly like Jack White behind Dan Auerbach’s shadow, the tune still swings and cooks just when it should. Check this out, and make sure to give the initial version a spin as well. 

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