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Meeting your heroes: rincs and Persona 749 reviewed by Alt77

rincs and Persona 749 reviewed by Alt77

Persona 749 – Rum-Soaked Haircuts

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Garage Rock

Who says that rock is supposed to be pretty, that singers are supposed to smell nice, or that they’re meant to even sing well. That shtick is done by everyone. If you want to get people to listen you have to shout in their ear, roll on the floor, and generally act like a child. Hey, if you can’t engage your childhood fancies of rebellion while making this kind of music, where else can you safely do it?

For all the shock with which the press greeted the original punk bands, the folks playing in those were, generally speaking, pretty competent rock n’ roll musicians. Now, the generation that immediately followed them were the real hard cases. These bands began, almost, as a reaction to the reviews being written about punk. 

Persona 749’s Rum-Soaked Haircuts is a blunt, atonal, gripping post-punk tune. The song is inspired by Mr Gonzo himself, Hunter S. Thompson, a man who advocated madness and drug consumption throughout a short, but eventful life. This tune, much like Thompson’s own existence, is hard to like, hard to ignore, and hard to forget. Do that enough times and you’re bound to become a legend. 

rincs – Henry

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Henry Rollins has got more people in shape and fighting spirit than the U.S. military system. Is rock music and its fandom built on peer pressure? Of course, it is. Kids dream of playing music, wearing clothes, and having the same kind of popularity as their heroes. Usually, they pick up on their less healthy life choices as well. 

Many have found themselves in thick trouble trying to keep up with Keith Richards, or with Johnny Thunders. By the same token, sometimes through, sometimes through intimidation, many have been turned to a healthier existence and ethics-based business mentality by the punk groups often labelled as Straight Edge. 

When it comes to Henry Rollins, fans of his have been treated to what Dylan might call a journey “together through life“. Punk-rock singing, jeans modelling, stand-up comedy, and now a radio show have kept fans of the hardcore veteran in the loop with his ideas, life views, and preferences. 

rincs’ passion for the man has yielded the crunchy, punchy Henry, an ode to the singer and a request for musical approval on his show. We hope that the group finds what they’re seeking. Their Deerhoof-inspired single is melodic, yet a menacing piece of alt-rock. It seems like it takes some work to make Henry Rollins smile, but this just might. 

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