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Robin Kenny and Healthy God Reviewed

Robin Kenny and Healthy God Reviewed

Robin Kenny – OLD MAN

Similar artists: Broadcast, Soccer Mommy, Thom Yorke, Ethel Cain, Wednesday

Genre: Indie Rock, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock

Who dreams of one day having a stalker? Hopefully, not a lot of people. However, that success, especially in modern times, inevitably involves some kind of unwanted attention from strangers. This happens particularly to the people who acquire tremendous success in entertainment. But, other than their therapists or the few other folks who’ve received similar attention, there is nobody to talk to about such problems. 

People who get successful nowadays are sentenced to do it in the public eye. What a terrible way to lead your life. Nobody retires in the entertainment business nowadays. Nobody takes a sabbatical anymore. If they do, either they are thought to be mentally unstable, or their publicist gets involved and announced that they suffer from exhaustion. The result of this is, at best, a documentary about the trials and tribulations. 

Being stalked and exhausted by unwanted attention is not just the fate of highly famous individuals but of those working on their reputations as well. Robin Kenny’s “OLD MAN” is a pop number about unwanted attention, and it’s an eerie, occasionally frightening piece. Yes, the words could be more descriptive. After all, this might be a life-altering even that’s being described. But the mood does enough to tell the story. 

Healthy God – Eternal internal fight

Similar artists: Suicide, Sparklehorse, Eels, LCD Soundsystem, Silver Apples

Genre: Indie Pop, Dream Pop

It’s hard to escape noise pollution and make a living as well. For the most part, whether your personal objective is to build an incredible business or merely to earn a paycheck that will help you survive, you will need to find yourself in the vicinity of construction sites, basement dance parties and snoring neighbours. There’s little way around it. 

What’s there to do but dream? For the majority of us, the idea of living the busy city streets behind, of finding the truthful conenction to nature is not more than a fantasy. That may have been the life of our ancestors, even that of our grandparents, but it doesn’t seem realistic. We take what we can. We dream of a world where surrounded by nature and by quiet. And, we take advantage of each opportunity of stepping into that world. 

Healthy God have won. They have taken their dreams of escaping the regular, noisy city life, and they’ve transformed it into a fantasy in which everyone can find their space. The dramatic “Eternal internal fight” is the result of that imagination. The song successfully erases any of the musical elements that are not wholly required, of which the song can do without. In this modern age, this is a novel approach that helps the song find its unique world within which to live and describe. 

Robin Kenny - OLD MAN


Healthy God - Eternal internal fight




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