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Rockin’ it indie – New music reviews – September 2020

Chazzy Lake - Blushing

Chazzy Lake – Blushing

Music is mathematics, really, but rock n’ roll is a simple arithmetic formula that few have the luck to learn. Chazzy Lake has swiped the rulebook from anywhere he could. “Blushing” is delivered under this mindset. 

Yes, the tune sounds like a demo. But, so what? Underneath the simple, pulsating chords, lie quick, street-smart lines, and even some keyboard flourishes. This is the kind of tune that would make Chazzy Lake a worthy contributor to most of the great power-pop masters’ works. 

Rock sometimes doesn’t need to be complicated unnecessarily. Chazzy Lake understands this and adds up just the right elements to create a welcomed fragment of lo-fi garage-rock.

Misdealt – Snow Blowing

One of the essential rules about rock n’ roll is that it tends to easily accept combinations of styles no-matter how different. “Snow blowing” with its preacher-like monologues, seems to sound like 90s-era Nick Cave over endless-blues rock soloing. 

Misdealt - Snow Blowing

The storytelling of the tune is good enough to place the listener in the time and place described by the lyrics. Yet the production, whether by accident or not, keeps the sounds at a distance. At times it almost feels as if you’re dropping in on conversation heard down the corridor of a nearby room.

Misdealt is a band taking cues from many of rock’s most charismatic groups, and has the gusto to shoot for the moon with their music. 

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