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Rockin’ nostalgia: Coed Pageant and The Everythings reviews

Coed Pageant and The Everythings reviews

Coed Pageant – Sleep it Off

Coed Pageant’s Sleep it Off sounds terrific but also resembles a more thoughtful, less grotesquely-humorous Bloodhound Gang. While the tune here is certainly cut from the same cloth as some of the more artsy lo-fi groups popular right now, Coed Pageant have clearly heard a lot of rock radio in their radio. 

That’s the only possible explanation for the quality of their melodies and the control over the song’s dynamics. Also, take note of the band’s lyrics. The subject may easily fit most angsty teen-groups, but the use of rhythm in the lyrics is just brilliant. 

I’m not sure of the ages of the musicians involved in making this. And, it hardly even matters. They’ve managed to create great teenage music that functions outside of any real-time constraints. 

The Everythings – Stacy

D’you remember when Green Day started the Foxboro Hot Tubs just so that they could have some fun without having to get their music pre-approved by the record label? Well, the Everythings sound like L7 or Bikini Kill, doing the same thing, and opting for the catchiest, most fun sound they could produce. 

Stacy is a danceable, retro, garage-rock number played by a group looking to, first and foremost, please themselves with their work. It’s a simple song that just like Gloria or Roadrunner can be played endlessly and in numerous contexts. It sounds like the B52s covering Sleater-Kinney.

In some ways, it feels like the soundtrack to a television show. Maybe an (almost) all-female remake of the Monkees television show. By that, I mean no insult. Frankly, I love the Monkees’ humour and their catchy melodies, just as I like this.

The Everythings manage to pull off that most rare of tricks. They sound like happiness that has followed great misery, but there’s nothing that feels condescending or forced about their effort. 

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