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Soul powered: Ruber Taurus and Mal Hombre reviewed

Ruber Taurus and Mal Hobre reviewed

Mal Hombre – Dig That Hole

If rock music is going to keep being scary, it will have to work really hard to compete with the truly frightening things that dominate the news and our everyday existence. Somebody with clown makeup on burning the flag is unlikely to have quite the same impact. 

The shock in rock is usually determined by something truly surprising or something rooted so much in the fabric of our existence that it contains multitudes of meanings. The blues is one of those things. It means everything to everyone, and it stands at the very heart of rock music. 

Mal Hombre’s Dig That Hole is a terrifying little blues that expertly that draws on the power of modern production and the artist’s own knack for creating simple, dramatic musical movements. It’s a Jack White song if the equipment started going haywire. 

Ruber Taurus – Waterboy

Besides spending my nights writing for this blog, I am also a sports writer. Oh, and let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard the kind of music that soundtracks most highlight videos of athletes doing awesome things. There seems to be a rule that each one of these videos has to contain the worst, most lame, and outdated piece of music the fan that created the video has been able to find. 

I’ve all the time in the world for a music-filled with energy and powered by emotion. Punk in all of its varieties, from pop-punk to hardcore, still keeps me running, and I hope never to lose this. While we all dream of music meaning more, at the core of it, I am more than satisfied that it has provided this kind of support. 

Ruber Taurus’ Waterboy is a song created with the specific goal of sounding fresh, fun, and even a little bit dumb. This is not a bad thing and truly appropriate for the kind of romantic feelings with which the band’s members have to contend. This is the kind of music that does one thing but does it really well. That one is to give you some good needed get-up-and-go. 

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