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Clever Trevor: Ruthless Cosmopolitans and Credit Electric release new singles

Clever Trevor: Ruthless Cosmopolitans and Immunity release new singles

Credit Electric – Immunity

Just like pop-corn movies and lousy American lager, you can bet that there’ll always exist a bunch of hipsters playing good guitar and throwing around witty lyrics with detached elegance. Credit Electric might be the torch bearers of that particular niche for this generation. 

They’re not quite zany enough to be Pavement. After all, even when writing lines about the cops being called to arrest Jesus Christ, there’s still a relatively straightforward narrative to follow. And, not quite Dire Straits. Their sound wouldn’t annoy anyone tuning in to the Rockin’ hits of the 80s, but the guitar playing is not quite Knopfler-standard noodling. 

No, Credit Electric got a good thing going on Immunity. It’s a song for the ages, a kind of uninvolved paranoia. It’s one of the more interesting pieces of songwriting I’ve heard in a while. And, if it’s true that trends have a habit of moving around in cycles, this should definitely feature on the reboot of Daria

Ruthless Cosmopolitans – Gawd Hates FLaGS

I was searching for a political anthem to help me get through the electoral season and the many sleepless nights it provoked. There were plenty of songs on offer, sure. We get inundated with them. And let me tell you… they are made by very nice people. But, just like the hippies, their good intentions do little to solve any problem. 

Now, I came upon Ruthless Cosmopolitans and thought I was in for a Faith No More inspired knocking-around. Instead, I found my political anthem of choice. “Gawd Hates FLaGS/I hate to break it to you/Gawd Hates FLaGS/What has a flag ever done for you”. 

It’s clever, cynical, and, as far as modern songs go, extremely quotable. Sure, it’s likely to warm as many hearts as the Renewed Fiscal Code. So, this November, as the world dazes back into a political slumber for four more years, let us rejoice in the unfashionable act of supporting Ruthless Cosmopolitans who just made an excellent single. 

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