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Bookworms and rock stars: Sam MacAdam and The Limiñanas review

Sam MacAdam and The Limiñanas review

The Limiñanas – La Musique

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock

Similar artists: Serge Gainsbourg, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Night Beats, Moon Duo, Psychic Ills, The Black Angels

Rock music used to tease us about the kind of people we could virtually interact with if we bought the right records. It was a way of choosing your friends, of opting which bad habits you wanted to pick up, of knowing who your heroes were. And, in a world filled with terrible bores, rock music promised a world full of eccentrics, weirdos, and visionaries. 

However, they lost out. At the very least, they suffered a blow in their attempt to get at the hearts of the mainstream public. Turns out that what the majority really wanted all along were the desperate bores that look like geography teachers and make repetitive, ear-pleasing stadium pop. It all created a rather obvious line of separation. Some might even go so far as to call it the difference between mainstream and alternative music. 

The weirdos and eccentrics, however, are not stopping as can be observed by The Limiñanas’ La Musique tenebrous, and poetic single. This is rock n’ roll created on the back of the kind of record collection that is only built up by fans of serious literature and art. It also answers the question What would Serge Gainsbourg sound like if he had fronted a gloomy, psychedelic rock band? The answer is quite good, and just as you would expect him to sound. The ship may have sailed on when it comes to commercial acceptance, but the great records are still being made with the same amount of fury and concentration. 

Sam MacAdam – Glow

Genre: Psychedelic / Freak Folk, Folk

Similar artists: Kate Bush, Joanna Newsom, Fairport Convention, Laura Marling

There’s an immense amount of music out there, being created right now, or just waiting to be birthed. And, this is a reason to get exciting about being a music fan. Certainly, the vast majority of this music is designed to appeal to either the greatest amount of people possible or to a minority, a built-in audience.  

There are, however, still those songs made by authors that simply have the objective to explore their own minds, and feelings, as well as dissect the inner workings of music itself. They are, unfairly, rarely greeted with incredible enthusiasm by, for example, a festival crowd. But, this is merely because the ears of the public will require a little bit of time to get accustomed to sounds that do not come pre-packaged.

Sam MacAdam’s Glow is a British folk song that dares to take music and the songwriter’s feelings very seriously. Still, there’s an air of play, and humor here, like children trying out their parents’ clothes and putting on a show. This is music best consumed by people willing to invest repeated listens and even the willingness to take the song’s structure apart for purposes of better understanding. This may sound like a chore, but, certainly, there are rewards to be had. There’s plenty of strange, beautiful music being made. It is waiting for it to be discovered and Sam MacAdam is among those creating such sounds. 

The Limiñanas - La Musique


Sam MacAdam - Glow




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