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Living off the land: Sam Plecker x Steve Stout and Marc Delgado reviewed

Sam Plecker x Steve Stout and Marc Delgado reviewed

Marc Delgado – The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel

Genre: Indie Folk, Folk, Americana

Similar artists: Wilco, R.E.M., Peter Gabriel

Lion tamers, stuntmen, soldiers, and rock n’ roll musicians are really gambling on imagining a comfortable future for themselves. The truth is that not many of these people end up in rocking chairs telling war stories to their grandchildren. 

Chris Cornell used to say that the disease of addiction is really just as present in any profession. However, how many of your favorite plumbers do you know to have died because of chemical excess? How many of your favorite rock stars? 

It’s a slippery slope and sinking terrain that takes many good men down. Marc Delgado’s

The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel tells one such story. Musically, this shares a lot with the kind of indie-folk in which groups like Wilco like to operate. This will no doubt make many of the youngsters hearing it want to dig out the best folk-rock records ever made. 

Sam Plecker x Steve Stout – Winnebago

Genre: Surf Rock, Shoegaze, Psychedelic Rock

Similar artists: Donovan, Super Doppler, the Growlers, Harry Nilsson, the Beatles

The days when people could simply give up their ordinary lives, their boring jobs, and their pesky responsibilities and decide to become hippies living off the land and off the mercy of others seem far away. Does anyone have time for things like that anymore?

You’re probably just squeezing reading this interview in your hectic schedule for the day. Well, the good news is that you can still daydream of those much more innocent times. But, simply meditating on the freedom allowed by lack of responsibilities will not do without the proper sounds. 

Let Sam Plecker & Steve Stout’s 60s inspired track Winnebago guide you through your daydreams. The gentle Donavon-like vocals and arrangements will have you yearning for the open road, for meeting new people, and the lyrics will give you a daydreaming shape. And, who knows, if you really trust what these folks say, you can actually quit everything, spend your cash on a whale of a car, and ride that wave wherever you see fit. 

Find Steve Stout on Instagram and the official website.

Marc Delgado - The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel


Sam Plecker x Steve Stout - Winnebago




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