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Sam Wrangle and Strange Velvet Reviewed

Sam Wrangle and Strange Velvet Reviewed

Sam Wrangle – Future Copy

Similar artists: Tame Impala, Supertramp, Joy Division

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

The people who take themselves very seriously often struggle to find a place for themselves in the world. They’re not very popular, you see, with the majority of folks who like to take themselves and life in general as flimsily as possible. 

The best bet for these solemn individuals is to seek out a career with the Church, in tech, or in prog-rock. All of these fields are marvelously important to humanity, whether we like it or not, and none of them have the giggles particularly high on their list of priorities. 

Plus, as consumers of religion, tech products, and music we expect to get work made by folks with a bit of an ego. Otherwise, we’d just make all of those things ourselves and most likely, never worry about quality control. These are areas for people with a God complex or, rarer still, a tremendous fear of The Almighty. 

Sam Wrangle’s “Future Copy” is a trippy, intricate song about the artist’s place in this large and, usually, uncaring modern world. But, it is not written from a place of humility nor does it lack courage. Wrangle knows what he’s worth and what’s good for him. If anything, this is a tune that proves how the world ought to pay attention, how art should be the priority, and how, ultimately, creative, hard-working folks like Sam Wrangle usually find a way through. Sorry for taking life so seriously, but one must!

Strange Velvet – Nuclear Son

Similar artists: Stone Temple Pilots, Måneskin, The Rolling Stones, The Who

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

David Lee Roth, a very wise man, once likened writing rock n’ roll songs to driving a fast car down a race course that doesn’t feature many obstacles. All you need to do is hold the wheel and, once in a while, look like you might be making a sharp turn in order to keep people interested. The rest of what is needed is already arranged for you. 

Strange Velvet are of the opinion that great rock music has already been made and keeps being made, and they want a piece of it. This is something that is to be admired, naturally, especially when some of those left turns are, indeed, promised. Truth be told, all the great rock songs haven’t all been already written. The ones that are yet to be created just exist in between the silence of the ones we already know. 

Strange Velvet’s “Nuclear Son” is about as palatable as a grungey, guitar-driven rock sound is bound to get. It’s a tune that recalls groups like Stone Temple Pilots that could fill entire arenas with their muscular, classic-rock-inspired sound. That is to say that Strange Velvet have some grit about them. However, “Nuclear Son” flows so smoothly and seamlessly that it is hard to imagine any modern radio programmers complaining. 

Sam Wrangle - Future Copy


Strange Velvet - Nuclear Son




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