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Back Out Again: Samantha Dagnino and Hans Predator Reviewed

Samantha Dagnino and Hans Predator Reviewed

Hans Predator – I’ve Gotta Feelin’

Similar artists: Thee Oh Sees, Wrangler Brutes

Genre: Punk, Garage Rock

Hans Predator takes to rock filth like a duck takes to water, or a drunk takes to telling his tales to the bottle. 

Musicians and critics predicted a long-time ago that by the 2020s, we were about to get the greatest pop music we’d ever heard. It only stood to reason. The price of guitars, drums, and record equipment was surely about to go down. And it did. 

Besides all of that, the price of a film camera is lowest than it has ever been, and there are numerous methods of self-promotion. Everyone was going to make great records? 

But are we in the new Golden Age of recorded music? No, we are in an awful era for music and creativity in general. Turns out that you need some fresh ideas to make great songs. And, even more dire, as it turns out, you also need some passion driving you to play these tunes. 

Hans Predator’s musicians sound like the kind of people who wake up in the morning screaming and fix their pancakes with vodka. “I’ve Gotta Feelin’” is a mix of garage-rock and thrash that pushes the limits of good taste just the way we like it, as does the sensational artwork featuring crucified dolls in what could’ve easily been a superior movie poster for “Barbie.” There’s nothing subtle about this, but it sounds maniacally honest. 

Samantha Dagnino – Die disco die

Similar artists: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nine Inch Nails, The Chemical Brothers, HMLTD

Genre: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

Samantha Dagnino rides through in a smoking, almost incandescent four-wheeler of dirty alt-rock.

We’re all patiently waiting for the alien invasion these days. The boys from the grand ol’ U.S.A. are assuring us it’s only a matter of time. I would presume that with so many people having dedicated big chunks of their lives to dreams of life on other planets, they would also be in the midst of making preparations for how to greet them. 

We assume that the aliens are highly intelligent and should have no problem figuring out our way of life, although if they’re really smart, they might just stay away. 

One thing that I am certain will baffle is rock music. Hell, it seems to baffle most people these days. These sounds are created out of nervous energy, the pure adrenaline of charging guitars, the purgative effect of shouted vocals.

Say what you will by us humans, but we’ve created rock n’ roll, and that sure ain’t a small thing either. Samantha Dagnino, excellently titled “Die Disco Die”, is an irreverent, chaotic mess of alt-rock. It contains all of the energy you wished yu had throughout all of your living hours. And it positively shouldn’t make sense unless you are a human being trying to get through this life. 

Hans Predator - I've Gotta Feelin'


Samantha Dagnino - Die disco die




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