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Scare ‘em all: Reviews of Dead Rituals and Flimsy’s latest singles

Reviews of Dead Rituals and Flimsy’s latest singles

Flimsy – Creepin’

Flimsy are one of the many bands vying for your attention this Halloween. “Creepin’” is a scary little number that could, presumably, slide into your Scare-season playlist. However, unlike many of the other bands you’ll get to hear covering “Monster Mash“, Flimsy can really play. 

This would merely be an added bonus, and not something of tremendous importance in alternative rock were it not for the fact that it takes the group’s considerable abilities and many interesting musical ideas to get this song to really heat up. 

Inventive bass lines, confident drum playing, and creepy-crawly guitar lines lay the foundation for the single. The smokey, bluesy vocals are the ingredient that really makes the concoction come to a boil. 

Here’s a garage rock band that has spent just as much time on their arrangement as they have on rocking out those old blues riffs. Their music is better off because of this. 

Dead Rituals – Broken Memories

It’s interesting to note that the so-called “Year 0” for punk remains 1977. But, then again, the kickoff point for post-punk is the same year. Well, as influential as punk-rock was, in the UK especially, it lasted for only a second before the new crop of bands proved to be either too uninspired to make the momentum count or good enough players to start what would be known as post-punk.

Yes, Dead Rituals, have at their disposal some of the nervous energy that informed punk. But, they are inspired by sounds that resemble creaking floorboards and the wind spewing up curses on a dark night. 

Broken Memories” is their new single, a clever piece of rigid rock that comes complete with oblique lyrics, restrained caveman drumming, and a flair for the dramatic. Its artiness is further enhanced by insisting on a one-minute outro, but there’s a genuine interest in the ol’ craft coming through from Dead Rituals’ music. 

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