Scott Stapp to Play Frank Sinatra in a New Movie

scott stapp

Creed’s singer Scott Stapp is set to make his acting debut playing the great crooner Frank Sinatra. The movie is, in fact, a biography about Ronald Reagan.

Fans of the post-grunge group will not be happy to hear that Stapp’s contribution is unlikelt to extend past one lone scene. This is, however, the singer’s first experience acting in front of a camera sans the group’s music videos. Furthermore, it is understood that Reagan is bound to be a large scale production.

The singer has shared his thought on the experience. Stapp says that he was impressed by the attention provided to detail on set. He says that his aim was to translate Sinatra’s sheer charisma and presence on to the big screen.

As for the movie’s titular character, that will be played by the more experienced actor Dennis Quaid. Penelope Ann Miller will play his wife, Nancy Reagan.

Creed was one of the most succesful bands of the post-grunge era. While never quite winning critics over with their work, they sold millions of records and were a huge concert attraction. Although the band members went on hiatus in 2013, rumors of a possible reunion are ripe.

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