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Sculpture Club and Loser Company Reviewed

Sculpture Club and Loser Company Reviewed

Sculpture Club – Used Too

Similar artists: Choir Boy, Soft Kill, Body of Light

Genre: Gothic / Dark Wave, Alternative Rock

The idea of finding beauty in the grotesque is one that goes above the head of most pop stars. It’s not a new phenomenon. It’s been happening since the dawn of modern music. These stars either run away from troubling thoughts, or their music and presentation are purposely grotesque. 

In the grand old tradition of goth rock, Sculpture Club’s mission is to see beyond the big wall of ignorance. They’re painting it dark, but bringing some style to it all. How’s one supposed to stand in this world if it isn’t at least a bit neatly decorated? And, if one can’t reasonably ask this from the world, one can at least turn one’s attention toward themselves. 

Sculpture Club’s “Used Too” is a charming mix of ghouly goth and shiny pop. It’s lead by the prettiest 50s melodies. It even introduces acoustic guitars, cello fills and a ballad format that is not at all common for this kind of genre. But it all works. There’s humour in this, sure, but it’s a piece of music that, lead by the emotional vocals, washes over the listener like an unforeseen crying session on a Sunday afternoon. 

There’s hope for the goth yet, and one can only hope that a band with a name like Sculpture Club will become a mainstay of the festival circuit soon enough. 

Loser Company – Raptors

Similar artists: Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Mudhoney, Melvins, Hole

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Loser Company sound like Nirvana covering Queen, or like the fever dreams of a record collector stuck inside their room for years with nothing but rock music to keep them afloat. That might be describing a lot of people, but thankfully, these Detroit artists have practised their singing and sharpened their songwriting abilities, too. 

There’s something to be said about hermit types. Of course, there is. The simple fact that they shun human contact is enough to raise questions. And naturally, it also happens that people are drawn, almost against their will, to the ones who want nothing to do with them. By the time Axl Rose was finally ready to release “Chinese Democracy” there were queues of people trying to jump the fence of his house, take on the hounds and risk their lives to hear the songs he wouldn’t let them hear. And they weren’t even fans. 

Loser Company’s “Raptors” is a fever dream of a glam grunge song, a muscular but feminine tune that floats best when left to chill on a Sunny autumn day. This is music made by professional dreamers, by folks who have dedicated their lives to the gentle art of letting their imagination slip away. This would all be inconsequential, but they’ve also figured out the formulas for making rock music. And we are the happy benefactors of their efforts. 

Sculpture Club - Used Too


Loser Company - Raptors




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