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Real hurt: Sean King and TimePiece

Sean King and TimePiece

TimePiece – Inside

Similar artists: System of a Down, Incubus, Papa Roach, Nothing More

Genre: Rap Metal, Alternative Rock

Many kids have dreamt of playing electric guitar. And the majority of the ones that eventually did learn ended up playing metal. If you’ve had similar ambitions yourself, it will be easy to understand the appeal of heavy metal music. 

It’s a bit like commanding a leviathan, a gigantic beast. The volume, aggressiveness, and, occasionally, the speed of metal music make it intimidating. Just like sporting tattoos overly a heavily muscled body, there won’t be many who will question you. 

But it’s taken a while before metal could be personal. Black Sabbath initially wrote songs about demons, wizards, and iron men. Californian bands like Van Halen wrote songs about girls. In fact, before bands like Alice In Chains made an impression, talking about one’s personal struggles wasn’t exactly deemed appropriate for metal bands. 

TimePiece’s Inside is a single made by a powerful band with a robust sound. But it’s also a plea for redemption and an acknowledgment of weakness. It’s in moments like this that great artists are truly able to deliver their message and properly share their gifts with the world. It takes every ounce of power and fragility that TimePiece can muster in order to create this sound. 

Sean King – From Leipzig to W.A

Similar artists: Xavier Rudd, John Butler, Ben Harper

Genre: Indie Folk, Folk

Is pop music, or any of its numerous subgenres, a vehicle for good anymore? Has it ever been that way, or are we just projecting upon it a quality that we wish it possessed, something that was never promised to us? 

The majority of people, especially those in the Western world, are constantly on the lookout for forms of entertainment. Pop music has always been an ally on this front. Yet, many would point to the evolution of modern music and its decline. It’s not only a matter of the quality but also the fact that most of it is meaningless. 

Back in the 1960s, a young band called The Beatles dared to risk their burgeoning careers when they learned that they would play to segregated audiences in the United States. Their stance wasn’t just symbolic. It achieved something, and it inspired other artists to lend their voices. Who will stand up now?

Sean King’s From Leipzig to W.A is an example of a musician fighting the good fight. The ethereal-sounding indie-folk produced by the songwriter acts as a reminder of the cruelty and lack of fairness. It’s always hard to hear these things or sacrifice enjoyment in order to gain a better understanding. But, sometimes, pop music can be a great instrument for these things.   

TimePiece - Inside


Sean King - From Leipzig to W.A




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