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Secrecies and The Empty Page Reviewed

Secrecies and The Empty Page Reviewed

Secrecies – Perfect Bite

Genre: Gothic / Dark Wave, Indie Rock, Dream Pop

There aren’t many modern people who like to experience the world by themselves anymore. That’s a cruel irony, considering how many of us are terribly lonely and alienated from society. 

And, because of that desire, there isn’t a lot of music being made so that you can hear it on your own, possibly in a dark room. That might inspire self-reflection, and in this day and age, for most folks, that is the very last thing that they need. 

Pop stars no longer tell the truth unless it is comfortable and convenient for them to tell it. For the most part, pop music is made to make you feel good just long enough to distract you and steal your money. 

Secrecies’ “Perfect Bite” wants to make sure you get just a little bit uncomfortable before you hear it. If you are able to listen to this while seated alone in a darkened room, all the better. This is not a song to be shared but one meant to become a personal companion. With its ornate, 80s Cocteau Twins-inspired sound, Secrecies look at the darker aspects of human desire, let themselves unravel before your ears, and let you figure out what it all must mean. 

The Empty Page – I’m a White Hot Blade (Witches are Wicked)

Similar artists: PJ Harvey, Björk, Radiohead, Blood Red Shoes, The Cure

Genre: Gothic / Dark Wave, Shoegaze, Alternative Rock

Mobs always find the wrong moments to act upon what they think is just. The people who don’t turn up for the revolution will surely try to reenact another, much bloodier version of their own further down the line. People hate being reminded that they did nothing. Fair enough! 

If there’s anything that rockstar autobiographies showed us, it is that most of these people are terrible human beings. But blaming now, when most of them have long entered retirement, seems pointless. What mobs do instead is find someone else who might be worth blaming. The internet is the new Salem, and most of the people being burned at the stake don’t even know why they’re going down in flames. Everyone else who should is just busy booking a comeback tour. 

In some ways, The Empty Page’s “I’m a White Hot Blade (Witches are Wicked)” is an anthem for those unjustly accused. Of course, more explicitly, it is about actual witches, their trials and the overall fear that many have against tough, mysterious women. Get too much attention, and, like the witches or Mata Hari, you suffer an execution. The Empty Page conveys this well with music that sounds partly like Stevie Nicks trying to figure out how to do an indie-rock song. 

Secrecies - Perfect Bite


The Empty Page - I'm a White Hot Blade (Witches are Wicked)




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