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The first time big-name rock bands introduced synthesizers into their shows, there were murmurs of discontent. The first time that bands began incorporating styles unrelated to rock music, some fans cried that their heroes had lost their way. And, by the time Anthrax were working hip-hop into their sound, some fans were ready to check out. 

It all seemed like a momentous occasion. But was it really? Nowadays, hip-hop is the pop music of the day. And, rock bands are only happy to court some of hip-hop’s fans by any means necessary. 

But more importantly, it showed to whomever was ready to listen with an open mind, that pop music must always take on board new influences, must always be ready to crossbreed, and musicians should never believe that their work of innovating is over. 

SEER SEEKER have this belief, and they’re working their way through philosophy through the 8-song collection titled “TO THE CORE.” Like the all-caps writing might indicate, this is a bombastic effort, one meant to get modern music fans excited about the future. 

The record’s opener, “STARLIGHT” is a good introduction to what’s about to come next. The song starts off with the gentlest of piano arpeggio that leads toward an almost soul-pop vocal hook. 

With the atmosphere established, “DIRT TO DUST” uses the nocturnal feel to deliver ominous rhymes and a pure rap hook. Next, “CHASE GOLD, STAY COLD” resonates like a radio transmission from the future with its dystopian rap imagery. 

There’s certainly a desire to appeal to numerous types of audiences with this release. But all of the listeners targeted are modern ones who might be concerned with what’s trending on social media or big name playlists. 

“GONE TOO LONG” hints at a Bring Me The Horizon-like rap-metalcore hybrid, while “ALL THE WAY” plays with a sample that seems lifted from European folklore. Rap and rock elements are sprinkled generously throughout. 

Finally, the sense of doom that inspires much of the record is partially dispelled with the trap-groove lead, “FOUND MY WAY,” the EP’s attempt at heroic boasting. 

With this EP, SEER SEEKER is looking at modern audiences, delivering what they expect from a modern artist, but also letting them know that they should always be ready for the future. It’s right around the corner, after all. 

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