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seitz – No Masquerade (Review)

seitz - No Masquerade

One of the great, underappreciated, talents of great musical performers, is their ability to know just where they are going to use their musical skill. Carolin Seitz, a world-travelled, a well-groomed singer, has opted wisely for the sound and look of a villainess in a high-budget cartoon movie. 

The novelty would wear thin rather quickly, were it not for the masterful, suffocating production of the single “No Masquerade” and the wonderful vocal inflexions of the singer. Lyrically the song touches on singer-songwriter territory, with the personal lyrics left to the interpretation of the singers’ faithful audience. 

“No Masquerade” is unmistakably the work of someone possessing musical abilities beyond those of most pop-rock performers, yet willing to dabble in this world nonetheless. 

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