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More fun than you: Seneca Burns and Brisa Roché & IX review

Seneca Burns and Brisa Roché & IX review

Brisa Roché & IX – Neither Nor

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Pop

Similar artists: Swim Mountain, Prince, Jai Paul

A lot of the history of pop music is about metamorphosis. Yes, there are singers who perform in their street clothes and shout out their anthem about working-class pride. Yes, they have their careers, and fans gladly hang on to their every word as if listening to the prophets beaming down their prophecies from the mountain.

For the most part, however, people want their pop stars to sound and look nothing like the regular folks that they encounter on a regular basis. It is expected that groups metamorphosis before an audience. Their confidence gives them confidence. Their ability to channel something otherworldy makes them hopeful. 

With that in mind, the French duo, Brisa Roché & IX create an otherworldly illusion of pop-star power on their single Neither Nor. It’s a stylish single and performance. It’s driven by electro-treated funk guitars and confident, smooth vocals. There’s a ring of Prince at his loosest here. Brisa Roché & IX are pop stars that show their audiences what the world could be. 

Seneca Burns – What The Hell Do I Have Left To Give?

Genre: Pop Punk

Similar artists: Blink 182, Neck Deep, New Found Glory

Playing pop-punk is a lot like wearing a tye-die shirt and a neckbeard. It’s a refusal to grow up and join the society. And, it’s a completely intentional decision. Many hesitate in becoming cogs in the machine. But, some have the guts to reject it outright and say “The alternative seems more fun anyway”. 

This is exactly what toiling in a pop-punk or admiring one, provides. It’s a shelter from the world. It’s part of the simple pleasures of life. At its best it is something that blends well with goofing around, having drinks with your friends, and exploring the world for no good reason. All of these things might not win you many awards or approving nods from your parents. When all is said and done, however, most people will agree that you’ve had more fun than them. 

In spite of the title of their song, Seneca Burns are having more fun than most on the frantic pop-punk of What The Hell Do I Have Left To Give? This is music for high-speed motion, best enjoyed with companions that view the world with the same lack of seriousness as you. Seneca Burns make hyper-pop with guitars, otherwise known as pop-punk, and it might be the only commitment that they’re taking seriously. 

Brisa Roché & IX - Neither Nor


Seneca Burns - What The Hell Do I Have Left To Give?




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