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Hate for music: Shelf Lives and Michael Miracles and Love Evolution review

Shelf Lives and Michael Miracles and Love Evolution review

Michael Miracles and Love Evolution – Prince Martin Luther King Jesus Christ David Bowie

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Flaming Lips, Remi Wolf, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Michael Miracles and Love Evolution throw the flooded kitchen sink at their newest single Prince Martin Luther King Jesus Christ David Bowie.

Everyone thinks we should be very thankful for the great music that was made in the past. Naturally, this means that we should also be thankful to the musicians who decided to spend countless hours of their youth perfecting their playing, their singing, their visual presentation. 

Well, sure. But, we should also be really, really thankful to the musicians who decided that they weren’t going to play well, and to the audiences who decided that this was acceptable. In many ways, punk-rock is a dadaist embrace of failure. And, we’re all better off for it. 

We get artists like Michael Miracles and Love Evolution, music that sounds like a punk-rock group being asked to back Frank Zappa. Prince Martin Luther King Jesus Christ David Bowie is a psychedelic love offering, a chant about the singer’s favourite people. There’s funk, pop, rock, but you’ll have to strain your ears to hear it. The exercise will be worthwhile though, and you’ll get a hook stuck in your head as well. 

Shelf Lives – Mark Twain

Genre: Post-Punk, Indietronica

Similar artists: Le Tigre, Peaches, Wet Leg, Blood Red Shoes

Shelf Lives create a confident, dissonant sound in their single, Mark Twain.

Pop music swings like an old pendulum. Whenever music gets too pretty, the opposite has to become popular. When music gets too nasty, it needs to become sweet once more. It’s the only way to keep things interesting. 

Who said that life was easy? Music fans depend on pop music to reflect their reality. The existence of many music fans is not very satisfying. Life is scary. There’s little harmony involved. Their pop music should reflect that. 

In many ways, Shelf Lives is a product of the time. It’s post-punk for a new generation. This isn’t music that sounds nice, good, or pleasant. But, stick your head through your apartment window and you’ll hear plenty of sounds like this. Shelf Lives’ Mark Twain is a clever, confrontational pop single. 

Michael Miracles and Love Evolution - Prince Martin Luther King Jesus Christ David Bowie


Shelf Lives - Mark Twain




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