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Sideways and The Creature Comfort Reviewed

Sideways and The Creature Comfort Reviewed

Sideways – Fall Apart

Similar artists: blink-182, Green Day, Sum 41

Genre: Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock

I just hate the idea that enthusiasm alone won’t get you anywhere in life. I know that this is not true, and I have punk-rock music as proof. The grand scheme of musical genres is a microcosm that works much like the world does. In it, punk rock represents the humble individual led by passion and a desire to see all that life has to offer. Sideways are a group that represents these values very well. 

In the music game, there are plenty of people trying to get to the top and looking to snatch the rewards away from their peers. They employ all sorts of fancy tactics. Artists typically employ dozens of people. This personnel is tasked with writing songs producing and promoting them. However, many of the folks who are willing to put themselves through all this trouble do not reach their destination. 

Sideways sound like a group that have checked their course and are already confident that they’ll get there and have a great time, too. This is because a song like “Fall Apart” has an earnest intensity acting as its steam. The tune carries an unmistakable DYI footprint and the kind of musical hooks that either make you a believer right away or not at all. Best of all, Sideways are an example of the fact that you can really get what you want as long as you truly care about it. For now, the pop-punk band has given itself a strong, lively sound. 

The Creature Comfort – It’s So Easy To Get Lost

Shane MacGowan’s passed. One more rock poet is sadly gone. It’s not only his suffering that ought to sadden us. Music fans all over the world weep because this is a guarantee that they’ll never hear another new song sung by him. That’s a terrible loss. Who’ll carry on the good work for our fallen heroes? 

Don’t tell me that we’ll just be able to ask AI to predict what these artists might want to create. It’s the same as asking a disinterested and uninspired art student to imagine what Joan Miró might have been painting had he been around. I’m sure the student will draw some similar circles on similar backgrounds. But where’s the soul? Someone ought to take care of that first. 

The Creature Comfort’s “It’s So Easy To Get Lost” sounds like glorious, classic punk rock not because it uses similar distortion on the guitar but because the song feels lived through and worn. We can’t replace our heroes with anything or anyone who hasn’t lived life as intensely. What we need are our artists with the foolish courage of stuntmen. The Creature Comfort, a band that brings to mind Iggy Pop at his mischievous best, is one of the few that we’ll lean on as time goes by. 

Sideways - Fall Apart


The Creature Comfort - It's So Easy To Get Lost




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