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The riot and the unheard: Sincere Gifts & Fear The Lions reviewed

Sincere Gifts and Fear The Lions reviewed alt77

Fear The Lions – Taking Liberties

If you’ve inevitably crashed into a soundbite or quote from the distinguished Gene Simmons you would have been told that to make in this life, in rock n’ roll especially (what left of it anyway) it takes a great degree of ego, selfishness, and a capacity to milk every opportunity for all it’s worth, in order to get ahead. 

Sure, this has served Mr Simmons and others like him, but, miraculously, it seems some have created long-lasting careers by embracing wholly different values. These sorts of individuals are often found in genres such as punk where camaraderie is not seen as naivety, but rather as proof of one’s character. 

Fear The Lions are these sort of do-gooders. They’re preoccupied with the state of the world, scared, yet putting up a brave face and marrying their version of the truth to a solid, fast punk-beat. Taking Liberties may not get them to spit fire in front of arenas full of people, but it may certainly get to mean a lot to a loyal group of fans. 

Sincere Gifts – Monsanto v. Santo: The Boardroom Speaks

Let’s just take a moment and enjoy making fun of our corporate overloads while we can. I’m not much for paranoia. It didn’t work for the hippies, did it? However, I imagine that in the near future Sincere Gifts will be trailed, or better off, flagged as suppressive for daring to question the wisdom and actions of the American industry. Who knows what cruel fate will befall them. 

For now, we can still point and laugh, since asking for something to be done to right the wrongs of big businesses, is unlikely to ever happen. Monsanto is an agrochemical company famous for producing GMOs and herbicides. A lot of people dislike their activity. However, they have a yearly market cap of $55.1B, which, one would think,  helps in dealing with the criticism. 

Sincere Gifts take a leisurely pace in creating this psych-pop protest song. Monsanto v. Santo: The Boardroom Speaks is a pop tune with a conscience that favours delivery of the message ahead of the group’s regular bag of quirky tricks. 

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