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Put the shine on: Sinnet and Rubber Band Gun review

Sinnet and Rubber Band Gun review

Rubber Band Gun – Cash Out

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Similar artists: Todd Rundgren, The Lemon Twigs, Foxygen, Drugdealer, Big Star

Rubber Band Gun produce moonlit power-pop of a highly sentimental nature on the single Cash Out

There are still plenty of people that believe in the power of rock n’ roll. After all, this little entertainment niche has created a lot of great artists. At its best, rock songwriters are able to distil the deepest emotions into tunes that sound absolutely impossible to ignore. 

The early 1970s produced a real peak in terms of studio production of beautiful vocal melodies. Artists like Todd Rundgren and Jeff Lynne envisioned radio pop in sumptuous attire, Roy Orbison songs in which the studio is played like an instrument. 

Rubber Band Gun are a group enthralled with that kind of approach. On Cash Out they push the song’s orchestration to its emotional limit. The result is a beautiful song of heartbreak that recommends Rubber Band Gun as one of the most intriguing power-pop groups operating today. 

Sinnet – Ischia (one of these days)

Genre: Surf Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Similar artists: The Shins, Beirut

Sinnet, on the single Ischia (one of these days), sound like a band of musicians who wear pyjamas, eat pizza all day and are single-minded about creating an assortment of beautiful sounds.  

Music websites have been celebrating the death of music genre categorizations for a long time. It’s an enticing prospect, but also a false hope. Music journalists may no longer care about genres because of the nature of their work. This isn’t the same for most ordinary music fans. 

Just glimpse out an established musical group choosing to do something different. In 9 out of 10 cases, their work will be received by their initial supporters as some kind of deranged self-sabotage mission. Fan forums will be flooded with messages of disappointment. Tribute acts will receive to go out playing any longer. 

These sorts of people better stay away from Sinnet. Their music sure defies categorization. It’s not because Aaron Spransy’s group has adhered to some difficult-to-follow artistic mission. No, they just like to swipe good sounds from wherever they can find them and see if they’ll fit into a sound. Ischia (one of these days) feels like Paul McCartney taking on Brazilian Tropicalia. 

There’s a dad-vibe to Sinnet, as they themselves will admit. But, this is a good thing. Here’s a group that refuses to be shackled by the expectations of coolness. 

Rubber Band Gun - Cash Out


Sinnet - Ischia (one of these days)




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