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Nighttime past time: Sister Jack and Sonic Medicine review

Sister Jack and Sonic Medicine review

Sonic Medicine – The Fever

Genre: Progressive Rock, Post Rock, Math Rock

Similar artists: Morphine, Screaming Trees

It takes a lot of work and energy to sound positively ruined, or on a fast track to reach that status. This is why I don’t really trust misanthropic metal bands. Folks that play such complex solos on their instruments require the kind of brainpower and downtime to practice that would keep them out of the real palaces of sin. 

This is where the real superheroes come in. These are the ones that perform their own stunts, and usually get maimed in the process. These are the Evel Knievels of the nighttime pastime. Mark Sandman or Mark Lanegan are the Humphrey Bogarts of rock music. 

Sonic Medicine are trudging towards a lifestyle where keeping a schedule is an unneeded distraction judging by the single The Fever. This is prog-blues music made in smokey bars and on crooked streets. It takes a lot of energy to get this low, but that’s precisely where Sonic Medicine look to want o be going. 

Sister Jack – Don’t Let Me Down

Genre: Post-Punk, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Interpol, Bloc Party

The more rock music wore out its welcome, while still packing football stadiums, the more mundane it became. The ridiculous, but charmingly campy clothes that your original rock stars used to wear became replaced by jeans. Songs about magic carpet rides and stairways to heaven became replaced by songs about pick-up trucks and girls. 

This isn’t the kind of world that a young musician would want to give their life towards. No way! The response, for bands that generally did not fill out football stadiums, was to move their work in any direction but straight. The results were the sonic equivalent of mixing an ice cream sundae with a cheese sandwich. It was eccentric and interesting. 

Sister Jack’s Don’t Let Me Down sounds like just pouring lemonade on your cornflakes feels like. The band’s name might be inspired by a song by Spoon, itself inspired by The Beatles. But, the music brings in the tense baritone of typical post-punk. Sister Jack create the kind of mix for which giving away much of life may well be worth it. 

Sonic Medicine - The Fever


Sister Jack - Don't Let Me Down




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