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Bring ‘em back alive: Sisteria and Junket review

Sisteria and Junket review

Junket – Embers to Ashes

Similar artists: Incubus, Deftones, Story of the Year, Lostprophets, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, A Day To Remember

Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

The fact that pop music is extremely flexible, plastic, and easy to rearrange is a fact known by most people. And, even though certain flavors of pop music have always tended to dominate the charts, it is amazing to consider how many types of ideas have found their way onto the hit parades. The list is endless and fascinating. 

Highly quirky bands and bizarre musical stylings have found their way, at one time or another, finding enough of a connection with the general public to elicit their interest. This must mean that the world of music listeners is always on the lookout for something new. Sure, they will likely, eventually, revert to their initial preferences. But, make no mistake. Whenever the music world seems boring and stale, something comes along to wake it from its slumber. 

Alternative metal bands of the 1990s were one such category. Junket’s Embers to Ashes finds inspiration in the alt-metal bands that likely dominated their teenage listening playlists and manage to marry hard-hitting sounds, with pop-pleasing tones. This is a mix of exploratory sounds and a clear, well-tested direction. And, most importantly, Junket prove that all these years later, there are metal bands still glancing at the horizon and asking questions about just what a hit must include. 

Sisteria – Hunger

Similar artists: Black Mountain, All Them Witches, Jefferson Airplane, Black Sabbath

Genre: Alternative Rock

Fans of rock music are, usually, also fans of horror movies. And, not in an ironic sense. This is often quite exciting, especially when the fans are involved in creating their own music, and utilize their interests as part of the inspiration for their work. 

Sure, there are unfortunate events as well, such as the folks obsessed with both black metal and horror movies, but the tragically unhip is not our concern for the moment. 

There are kinds of theories of why so many people enjoy the horror subgenre, true-crime series, or gruesome imagery. One of the most frequently quoted one has to do with people’s desire to survive and to be spared from a violent end. Horror stories, some scientists suggest, are a way for people to confront their fears in a safe environment. 

In many ways, Sisteria’s Hunger is a distillation of almost seven decades of terror-influenced rock n’ roll. From the early psychedelic rock bands, to doom, and the self-destructive alt-rockers of the 90s, Sisteria sponges up those influences and creates its own gripping, maniacal sound. But, is the song any good? Yes. Style aside, the band manages to create a tightly constructed, memorable tune. And, yes, there are sexy werewolves involved as well, or something very similar to that. 

Junket - Embers to Ashes


Sisteria - Hunger




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