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Angry young things: Skylar Symone and MadMan’s Choice review

Skylar Symone and MadMan's Choice review

MadMan’s Choice – Fuck Your Politics

Genre: Rap Metal, 90s Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys

One of modern rock’s greatest sins is that is means nothing. In a bid to abstain from possibly alienating their audience, rock bands are safe and harmless. In their bid to stay harmless they don’t ignite passions. Nobody hates, nobody loves them. Sure, some of them sell records. But, even the ones that buy them have a hard time telling groups apart. 

It’s not always been this way. Rock has often been naive about its political opinions, sure. But, it’s been loud. In countries where artists were allowed to voice their point of view, musicians took this opportunity. They were loud even when facing ridicule.

MadMan’s Choice’s Fuck Your Politics is a rap-rock song built on that foundation. The Swedish group’s anger and distrust of the status quo are refreshing. It’s needed. And, even if the specific politics against which they are protesting are unclear, it’s the attitude of dissidence in this RATM-inspired song that makes it a worthwhile listen. 

Skylar Symone – Under Your Dolls

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Pop music’s turn as a veritable provocateur was much more short-lived than we imagined. The idea of the rock star as a person able to say, or rather to scream, anything to their audience was a mere glimpse. 

It existed for a moment before endorsement deals made the would-be rockstars reconsider. It was only possible before boycotting musicians online became a reality. It’s hard to believe it. But, those days of watching and hearing someone perform provocative rock anthems in front of audiences of tens of thousands are gone. 

However, this doesn’t mean that all would be rockstars have lost their nerve. Skylar Symone’s Under Your Dolls sounds like the work of someone looking to entice or piss off an audience of thousands. It’s a garage-rock tune that takes the quickest, most striking route. 

MadMan's Choice - Fuck Your Politics


Skylar Symone - Under Your Dolls




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