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Sure fire devices: SLMCT and Small State review

SLMCT and Small State review

Small State – Call It Karma

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk

Similar artists: No Use For a Name, Blinke 182, Green Day, Lagwagon, Face To Face

German pop-punks Small State seek out fun and wisdom on the new single Call It Karma.

It’s hard to kill off rock music because of the itch that it scratches. For the most part, rock music is meant to make people instantly deal with their feelings. In this way, it’s not like a book or a class, or going to therapy for many years. It’s direct and often leaves you with a new perspective. 

Does commercial pop music do the same thing? While it scratches a different itch, pop music tends to stray away from making that kind of personal contact out of fear of alienating a potential fanbase. As a result, years down the line, rock bands tend to maintain their fanbase, while most pop singers struggle to keep theirs. 

Small State are a pop-punk band that write catchy pop songs that are supposed to be immediate and provoke a reaction. Call It Karma is a tune about overcoming the naysayers and knowing just where their negativity will eventually take them. Small State’s strength doesn’t lie in reinventing the language of guitar-rock, but rather in offering to be their fans’ close confidant. 

SLMCT – Trust

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Japan’s SLMCT plays alternative rock with the self-belief of a band that have a clear view towards the top of the charts. 

People love and loathe confidence and cockiness in equal measure. Most will agree that a person with unflinching courage in their own strengths can get annoying. Arrogance is seen as the trait of a person that you wouldn’t want around for polite Sunday dinners. They’d probably end up just talking about themselves anyway. 

However, the same rule doesn’t exactly apply to pop music. Have you ever caught a rock star being asked in an interview anything other than about themselves? They’re stopped dead in their tracks. The fact is that people pay stars to give them the impression of invulnerability. Here are regular people with the guts to get up in front of strangers and tell them their deepest secrets. 

SLMCT is a new and young band from Japan. They, however, do not lack confidence. Their blend of alt-rock meets love ballads is delivered with the emotional punch of a band expecting to soon be playing it in front of thousands. Trust is made for both teenage girls and rockers who’ve had a few pints. There is nothing wrong with holding your head high and knowing your worth, and others may appreciate this soon enough as well. 

Small State - Call It Karma


SLMCT - Trust




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