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Slow sun: The Voxes and No Yonder reviewed by Alt77

The Voxes and No Yonder reviewed by Alt77

No Yonder – Slow Poisoning

Genre: Pop Punk, Indie Rock, Emo

Enjoy the days of mild but seemingly perpetual dissatisfaction. That’s what creates true blue great writers. They’re rarely born out of days of endless happiness, picnics, and dancing out in clubs. They’re not really born out of the kind of drama that would make for a tearjerker movie. 

No, really those that have managed to create a lot of good art will tell you that, most often than not, they managed to arrange their work around being relatively unhappy or uncertain with themselves. Just the right dose of melancholy and bitterness can really help you in the right direction. 

No Yonder’s Slow Poisoning is now the kind of tune written by someone looking to disguise what he really thinks so that friends and loved ones can feel at ease. No, this is an indie-rock tune written about the courage of going on with everyday life even when at times it all feels terribly unsatisfying. These are the kind of thoughts we need to hear through song rather than polite conversation. 

The Voxes – Feel Good

Genre: Indie Rock

Similar artists: Inner Wave, The Drums, Beach Fossils

Blame it on Velvet Underground or the Doors for making misery look so appealing. Since then, practically, any self-respecting indie-rock group has endorsed an image that involves sunglasses at night, cozy leather jackets, and the sounds that best accompany those things. 

Investing in personal style makes no sense unless you are able to showcase it through photos. The majority of the images of these artists are taken in dingy clubs, or on dirty streets someplace like Berlin or New York City. 

And, despite all of this, not for a moment do I doubt the fact that given the chance all these bands would enjoy spending their summer holidays somewhere a bit more sunny and cheerful. If so, naturally, their music would change as well. It may sound a bit like 

The Voxes’ Feel Good, a summer anthem of guitar tune. Not all rock bands are this happy, but most would like to be. The Voxes are one of the few ones that make good times actually sound appealing. 

No Yonder - Slow Poisoning


The Voxes - Feel Good




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