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Change is Upon Us: Small Victory and Doc Days Reviewed

Small Victory and Doc Days Reviewed

Doc Days – Deepend

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Lo-fi Roc, kAlternative Rock 

Similar artists: Tame Impala, Thee Oh Sees, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Doc Days have only themselves and their self-induced trances to lead through this life and their journey-like songs. 

The pact we make with the modern world is that we will get comfort in exchange for never asking for illumination. If you’re lucky to be living in a modernized, Western urban landscape, there’ll be little that you’ll miss in terms of nourishment, shelter, or entertainment. But you can’t ask for me!

The worst thing that can happen to a person is to follow their natural instinct and start asking questions. Perhaps there is actually more to discovered outside the gilded cage. Maybe with enough effort, those secrets will be revealed. Putting forth these queries is enough to break the pact. It’s a painful way to live life, but a rewarding one. 

Doc Days’ “Deepend” uses trance-like psychedelic-rock sounds in order to, possibly, reveal something carefully hidden. The repetitive nature of the groove and the carefully produced tracks lend themselves to a waking dream state. It’s an attempt to get listeners dancing outside of their skins for a second. And it’s the first step, one of the hardest, toward what could end up being a journey toward the truth. 

Small Victory – Afraid of Change

Similar artists: Briston Maroney, Peach Pit, Beach Fossils

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Small Victory document the trials and tribulations of themselves and their closest friends through the medium of engaging indie-rock.

Keeping a diary may seem like a waste of time. But it’s an investment. And it’s not necessarily one that you’ll end up enjoying, either. Studies show that any event, no matter how dramatic, tends to be forgotten by history if it isn’t written down by anyone. Think of your life, then think of that for a second. 

That’s all well and good, but what to do about it? Well, we could take the frightening first job and start. Imagine a horrendous war, a terrible natural calamity, or even one’s aching heart all being forgotten because everyone forgot to write about it. What a fate to have. 

Small Victory’s “Afraid of Change” does a wonderful thing in fitting their brand of emotional indie-rock to lyrics about adversity. Sure, most songwriters try to capture these moments in lyrics, but Small Victory have a lighter touch. It makes it believable. And it makes them sound like they’ve acquired the gift of taking life’s most hard-to-grasp moments and, at the very least, spelling them out in song form. 

Doc Days - Deepend


Small Victory - Afraid of Change




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