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The Fee for Freedom: Sofia Talvik and Van Plating Reviewed

Sofia Talvik and Van Plating Reviewed

Van Plating – The Heron (feat. Elizabeth Cook)

Similar artists: Elizabeth Cook, Sunny Sweeney, Amanda Shires, Margo Price, Lilly Hiatt

Genre: Americana, Alt-Country

Van Plating’s “The Heron” is a touching tribute to childhood memories and the innocence of hearing music for the first time. 

There are two kinds of people in this world – the ones that desperately fight to escape from the place where they were born and the ones that work their whole lives to get back to it. In many ways, this decision determines the quality of life of millions of people. 

Arguably, there are more people that fit into the first category. The world is just that way. But even these people need souvenirs and gentle reminders of the lessons they received when they were young. Few lessons are better delivered through a medium different than music. 

Van Plating’s “The Heron,” a song featuring the talents of Elizabeth Cook, is an unapologetic love song to wide open spaces, fresh air, and the dreams had as children. It’s a country song that introduces modern indie-pop elements, and that is not afraid to get misty-eyed and dream of a not-too-distant past. 

Sofia Talvik – Circle of Destruction

Similar artists: Phoebe Bridgers, Jade Bird, Sarah Jarosz, Molly Tuttle, Watchhouse

Genre: Folk, Americana

Sofia Talvik uses her voice to create folk music with a positive anti-war message. These kinds of songs are a rarity these days. 

Some people don’t realize how cowardly they are. They are the lucky ones. Most people do have a very good idea of their cowardice. It wears them down. It chips at their authority. But, it is not something that they can do much to fight against. They have about as much bravery as their peers, and that will have to be enough. 

When the war came, nobody spoke out against the idea of war. Everyone used the voice that they had to support one side over the other. Everyone lauded the technology involved in making missiles and tanks. Nobody talked about the profits enjoyed by the companies making this war equipment. Nobody wrote songs against war!

Sofia Talvik’s anti-war stance, “Circle of Destruction,” is an exception. It shines partly in the absurdity of it all. Here is a gorgeously performed song about the inevitable annihilation of a war-torn world, and yet, few artists feel inspired to write their own. While we should be ashamed of having so few protest singers, we should be glad of Talvik’s efforts. 

Van Plating - The Heron (feat. Elizabeth Cook)


Sofia Talvik - Circle of Destruction




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