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Big pop: sophie meiers and Foreign Air reviewed

sophie meiers and Foreign Air reviewed

Foreign Air  – The Madness

Genre: Indietronica, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Foreign Air creates a modern, cinematic pop song with The Madness that aims to appeal to both the mainstream and alternative scenes.

The great movie directors watch films made in all eras. They do so to learn, and because, well, they nurture a genuine affection for the art of movie-making. These people see little difference between a great production playing on the silver screens in 2021, and a black and white film of the 1940s playing on late-night television. 

Do you know, however, what many of my non-director friends say when they’re offered the opportunity of viewing one such classic film? They complain about it being black and white. They’re amazed about the lack of special effects. And, they wonder why it takes so long for the plot to become evident. They’re not going to become movie directors any time soon. 

Modern music audiences are the same for the most part. This is the reason why Foreign Air is ready to cut them a deal. The Madness has all the production values with which they’ll be familiar. However, there’s a murmur of melancholy and distress underneath the surface of Foreign Air’s music. It’s the final plot twist before a great reveal.  

sophie meiers – mutt

Genre: Gothic / Dark Wave, Slowcore, Alternative Rock

It’s only natural that we would all search for safety. How else would you go on? How would you nurture your gifts if they were consistently under attack? Yet, strange as it may sound, many of us are really awakened from our slumber by some kind of kick down the backside. Exposing yourself to your fears leaves very little to worry about. 

A lot of modern fiction’s biggest sellers are concerned with the loss of comfort. Make no mistake about it, if you’re living in the Western world, it’s much more likely that your life is comfortable and much less likely that you are happy. It’s just the way that it is. People react differently to this kind of realization. 

Sophie Meiers’ mutt could be interpreted in several ways, not least of all as a frantic attempt of getting noticed.  What is clear, however, is that this is a personal, and poetic interpretation of the loss of freedoms, comfort, and identity in the form of a sleazy, dark alt-rock number. Check out the clever doubling of the vocals in the chorus. 

Foreign Air  - The Madness


sophie meiers - mutt




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