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Rock on other planets: Space Fauna and Superghost reviewed

Space Fauna and Superghost reviewed

Superghost – Death Calling

Genre: Punk, Alternative Rock

Did you ever hear a song chorus big enough that it feels like it will wash you away like a tidal wave would do a lonely millionaire’s house off the beach? Sure you did. I assume you wouldn’t be here, looking through the thrills that modern rock music could offer you otherwise. 

Frankly, like surfers chasing the perfect wave, record collectors do the same thing. What we’re looking for is the guitar riff, or clever twists of phrases, or the seismic drums to blow our minds and ear canals to smithereens. It always pops up somewhere, or another and much like a fisherman forced to go to work after a night of drink binging, you need to be there when it happens. 

The chorus to Superghost misanthropic opus Death Calling is as big and mean as the tidal wave as I was just waving about. This is not exactly music meant to make you feel good, but it will raise you ten feet high before tossing you perilously aside. This is music for listeners looking to take a risk and not waste their chances. 

Space Fauna – Landfills

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I hear you say. Well, it comes to pop music in all its guises, you would be wrong. If anything, modern entertainment, when it works, is a combination of two things. Familiarity and surprise. 

While those two seem to contradict each only a passing glimpse at pop music in recent years will reveal the contrary. The audience continues to feel a connection with styles of music that they understand on a basic level, such as the blues. And, the audience needs to be tricked through the door by a modern twist on those formats that they know. 

Italian act Space Fauna master this. The concept is of pop music being exported not to foreign lands here on Earth, but rather being sprouted on foreign planets. The result is playful, theatrical, and pop-savvy as can be observed by the single Landfills

Superghost - Death Calling


Space Fauna - Landfills




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