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Test trials: Speed Control and Free Range Buddhas review

Speed Control and Free Range Buddhas review

Free Range Buddhas – Ritual

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

All of us young rock types were, as Free Range Buddhas put it, “looking for an easy fix“. Some go to church, others invest their energy in school. We took to rock stars, many of them deceased, to show us the proverbial way to enlightenment. What recommended them for such acts?

They performed in front of thousands of people, aiming their poetry like firearms and having their audience thank them for it. They often visited real gurus and paid them handsomely for their wisdom. They then brought that knowledge and poured it into their psychedelic rock singles. If it was anyone we could rely on for answers it was rich rock stars with long hair and flowing beards. 

Free Range Buddhas believe in a return to the pseudo-spiritual era of rock on their single Ritual. It’s space-rock made in a tiny room under perfect communication. It’s the sound of a band trying to travel to India through the power of imagination. I confess that many of us still believe in this kind of magic and need all the help that the likes of Free Range Buddhas can provide. 

Speed Control – Mr Romance

Genre: Alternative Rock

Pop music and cheap dining are two of the only places where nobody can judge you for being shallow. You wouldn’t be able to throw the same pieces of judgment at people that you meet. People will look at you funny when you tell them the Mona Lisa is a bit ugly. And, international political issues are always deemed too complex to be merely judged one way. 

So, in keeping with the need for a bit of superficiality, I’ll make an admission. I like songs with a great hook. I like it if they feature a cool chord progression, nice riffs, in tune vocals. Yes, I love the great power-pop band and most of Paul McCartney’s records. It’s shallow, I know, but just like millions of music listeners, I really like music that sounds good. 

Canada’s Speed Control like hooks, catchy riffs, and in-tune vocals as well, judging by their single Mr Romance. The quartet is not a group of would-be Hamlets acting their way into the heart of the underground elite. Their sound is the milkshake to the music world’s cold porridge. Call me shallow, but I like Speed Control. 

Free Rang


Speed Control - Mr Romance




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