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You and Whose Army: Spider and Catatonic Suns Reviewed

Spider and Catatonic Suns Reviewed

Catatonic Suns – Be As One

Genre: Grunge, Shoegaze, Psychedelic Rock

Dreams are equal, right? A king, a poet, a pauper or a madman can all have the same dream. Each has a different ability to relate the things that they saw and felt. And once they do tell their story, the world won’t love them anymore based on their reputation or their occupation. They’ll like the one that tells the story the best. 

In that sense, rock music is wonderfully democratic things. Like a fairytale, it promises that regardless of our appearance, wealth, or social standing, we may one day positively influence the lives of others. It seems to imply that even the lowliest of people can create a fictional world in which others will wish to clammer. 

Catatonic Suns travel to their grunge-rock destination as naturally as people who’ve taken this road a million times. “Be As One” easily integrates among the genre’s more powerful tracks. It is at that time that the 90s-admiring trio are the equals of all of their legendary heroes, with their distorted guitars and mysterious vocals ringing out with truth and power. It’s about the way you dream it, but mostly about the way you then say it!

Spider – Death Match

Similar artists: T.S.O.L., Adolescents, Circle Jerks, Germs, The Nerve Agents

Genre: Skate Punk, Punk

Spider believe in the values of confrontational punk-rock as a way to achieve a semblance of personal freedom. 

There are people who put all of their energy into the kind of work that will one day allow them to leave comfortably. They hope that this day may come sooner rather than later. And when the ship sails on in, all they hear about is putting their feet up and watching it as it sails on by. The vast majority of people are like that. 

There are also people who welcome struggle. When hardships do not come their way, they provoke them. It’s not necessarily an act of madness, although some of that may be involved. Living in a kind of perpetual tension, they believe, is the only way to achieve anything that is great. And anything that is great will require that you fight for it. 

Spider’s “Death Match” is a piece of classic hardcore punk inspired not just by the sonic attributes of 80s punk bands but by their credo as well. This is music as a form of resistance. It’s created not as a way of sugarcoating the truth but as a strategy to get confronted with it. There’s always truth in hardship, but not always in taking it easy. That’s what Spider believe and what they preach. 

Catatonic Suns - Be As One


Spider - Death Match




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