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Stick to the rules: Mystic Vult Fuse and Quit It!

quit it mystic vult

Quit It! – Tectonic

Similar artists: Hot Water Music, Propagandhi, Against Me!, The Menzingers, RVIVR

Genre: Punk, Pop-Punk

There’s a little musical ditty for practically everything. But The Apocalypse and everyday life have few and disappointing tunes written about them. Quit It! try to set the world to right on both counts. 

Perhaps it’s the assumption that The End of the World will be so different from a regular day where most songwriters go wrong. Sure, they can anticipate what will happen once everything goes wrong. Yeah, they can add a few chilling screams and tell the world it can kiss their ass just as it’s all starting to flame. But will things be that spectacular, really? 

As I write this, I am standing on a volcanic island recently plagued by Earthquakes and where scientists await the big volcano to blow. Do people still go and buy milk from the grocery store? Do they still eat donuts in the park? Yes, and yes. 

Quit It! write pop-punk for the coming doom with “Tectonic.” The End may be a frightening proposition. But just like everything else, it requires a good backbeat and nice melodies to hum along. Students of classic, soulful pop-punk, the Canadian group is ready to provide those things, plus a wee bit of hope for a tomorrow. 

Mystic Vult Fuse – Push the River

Similar artists: Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots, Silverchair, Muse

Genre: Stoner Rock

Modern rock bands and modern rock fans are a bit like hopeless romantics trying to find their soulmates on Tinder. Sure, in theory, it could work. But, in practice, all they end up doing is spending their time, and their money and getting blurry dick picks instead. It’s enough to make you lose hope. 

But the fact is that both the musicians and the audience for rock music still exist. Even the late 2000s rock bands have millions of streams. The ones that still play live are able to tour the world. And, well, their most successful records haven’t even been released all that far back. 

Mystic Vult Fuse’s “Push the River” is a modern rock song that echoes the days when these kinds of muscular sounds could attract the world’s attention. And why wouldn’t this be a possibility in 2023? This song has top vocals, good production, and, most importantly, a DIY spirit that should endear the Chilean group to listeners. With a bit of luck on their side, Mystic Vult Fuse may just find an audience that will love them. 

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