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Old dirt roads: Stone Dead John and Clip Frassexx and His Counterfeits reviewed

Old dirt roads: Stone Dead John and Clip Frassexx and His Counterfeits reviewed

Clip Frassexx and His Counterfeits – I’ll Be the Last One (To Cry Over You)

We here at Alt77 have made a commitment to promote and champion music made by weirdos for weirdos. Well, once in a while the music we are recommended to review surprises, even us. 

When you first hear I’ll Be the Last One (To Cry Over You) you know that there’s a story to this one. First of all, while Bedroom Pop is certainly a bonafide music genre in 2020, the production values here would hardly allow it to qualify even for that. It sounds more like a reservoir-country, music made down in a well. 

Yes, it sounds like music you may have found by accident while cleaning up the attic of a new house you’ve just bought. However, there’s something really interesting buried behind the 4th generation tape quality. 

Clip Frassexx swears by Townes van Zandt, one of the greatest songwriters to have ever poured out his heart over a guitar backing. The singing here moves from a hush to a yodel. And, the storyline, albeit not one that is very easy to follow, is certainly intriguing. 

Stone Dead John – Ol’ Jimmy

Stone Dead John’ Ol’ Jimmy sounds like the work the Kings of Leon did once they finally found the way back to the boozer they started in. Naturally, the managers are bound to escort them to it, and,  no doubt, suggest they lay some drum machines on top of their new numbers. 

Ol’ Jimmy is a song that sounds so worn that the seams are ready to burst open. The voice is the main thing to watch out for here. It is bruised and battered like Tom Waits trying to ape Bruce Springsteen. It’s heartbreaking all the way.

Not even the gentle manoeuvre into a falsetto once the chorus kicks in can take away from how good this number happens to be. If there are any ambitious movie directors out there who are looking to remake a 70s Mob-drama where everyone gets shot at the end, really consider asking real nice if Stone Dead John will let you use this one. 

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