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straight stitch and Easy Peelers Reviewed

straight stitch and Easy Peelers Reviewed

straight stitch – Let’s Be Evil

Similar artists: julie, Pretty Sick, Radiohead, Narrow Head, Nirvana

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Listening to music is the easiest way to alter your mood of all the ones that are legal and the best of all the ones that exist. Music playlists make sense only because people who are searching for a mood desperately want to ensure that it doesn’t get spoiled by adding the right sounds to it. This all makes if you consider that many musical artists only make songs to fit one specific mood. 

That might just mean that there’s room for everything in pop music, and it might not be such a bad thing after all. Sure, nobody has a problem with sophisticated arrangements meant to make you feel like you’re enjoying a fancy lunch in an expensive restaurant. But people ought to encourage angry, desperate-sounding music just as well. It’s energy that needs to go somewhere. 

straight stitch’s “Let’s Be Evil” takes its inspiration from 90s alternative rock, or specifically from the rage that came out of the speakers whenever the bands that made their reputation during that decade were played. The tricks are as old as time, but straight stitches find a way to make them work for modern audiences. Does this make you want to destroy furniture? Great! “Let’s Be Evil” is a song that will make you feel better if you’re angry. It’s an entirely normal human feeling. Just don’t actually go start a bonfire with your mother’s drapes. 

Easy Peelers – Who You Wanna Be

Similar artists: SOAPBOX

Genre: Garage Rock

Some people can dance, and some can’t. Some people have rhythm, and others can’t do anything to acquire it. And some people can just pick up instruments and create a wonderful, wallopping noise, while others try as they might, can’t get anywhere near that terrific whirlwind of sounds. The ones that do not have that ability usually end up joining a death metal band, hiding what they lack behind volume and face paint. 

But that’s the start point for rock n’ roll and its prayer for the future. It’s music that does not involve finesse and sophistication. Everyone can understand it and there’s only requirement for playing it – being able to move a crowd. When it’s best it sounds like a child trying to get attention, but it also seems encompass so many hard to express feelings. 

Easy Peelers’ “Who You Wanna Be” make a great garage-rock racket. There’s nothing here that could be confused with any other genre. No, this is music meant to be played at an impossible volume, music meant to make you move. It’s a real wonder it hasn’t been outlawed yet. Because in those simple chords, thumping drumming and yelled-out singing, there’s something wholly primitive and powerful.

straight stitch - Let's Be Evil


Easy Peelers - Who You Wanna Be




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