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Straight up and backwards: The Wheel Workers and Paolo Nutini reviewed

he Wheel Workers and Paolo Nutini reviewed

Paolo Nutini – Lose It (Live)

Genre: Indie Folk, Folk rock, Indie Rock

It’s hard singing the blues when the past, future and present all look pretty rosy. Paolo Nutini’s commitment could get called into question. After all, would you trust an international football player to tell you how bad their finances are? Would a beautiful fashion model really be trusted when commenting on their terrible love life? Would you trust a member of the English parliament to tell you about how beautiful it is to vacation in the South of France? Oh, well. 

The last time we heard Paolo Nutini on record, the singer was swaggering soulfully about breaking hearts and traveling the world. Before that, he was the folk-pop artist who was soulfully striving for a 10/10 from life. Before that, he was a teenager and every producer in the world wanted a shot at working with him. 

Thankfully, things still get Mr. Nutini down enough to soulfully sing the blues. Only this time, it sounds like his record collection has expanded to include German Kosmische Musik. Lose It is as straight as the autobahn. But, it doesn’t matter for a singer with so much to offer. Nutini zigs, zags, covers the classic rock basics, and leaves us wondering just how often he does get the blues. 

The Wheel Workers – Suck It Up

Genre: Surf Rock, Garage Rock, Alt Pop

Similar artists: Pixies, The Stooges, The Strokes

If the majority of analysts are correct, and the society does descend into chaos and collapse upon itself, I’d like to think that whoever comes after us will not judge us harshly. Think of us as the confused primitives that we are, but don’t accuse us of wishing bad upon ourselves on purpose, please!

But, that’s hardly going to be their opinion. At least, not if they judge us on the art, or… err, entertainment that we created. The history of pop culture reads like a long, rambling suicide note. At least it does if you flip through the pages that concern mainstream entertainment. 

There is an annex dedicated to the underground, I trust. And, songs like The Wheel Workers’ Suck It Up might get a mention. There’s a certain kind of maniacal masochism reminiscent of Pixies of Iggy here. Best of all, it seems to capture the state of the world from outside of the major labels’ brainwashing hubs. I trust that whoever comes after us will prick their ears (I will assume that they’ll possess many hearing organs), and really make sense of what happened to us. 

Paolo Nutini - Lose It (Live)


The Wheel Workers - Suck It Up




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