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The breakaway: Straight White Teeth and Hatchling – alternative music review

Straight White Teeth and Hatchling - alternative music review

Hatchling – Shadow Of You

Genres: Dream pop, Folk rock

Similar artists: Jade Bird, Julia Jacklin, Kate Bush, Annie Hamilton, Jack River, Brandi Carlile, Dorothy

Poets are supposed to be like aliens or horribly sick people. Nobody knows how they got this way. Nobody knows why they’re here. And few would have the guts to go up to them and ask them. 

In other words, poets intimidate people. They seem to possess an incredible gift. This gift is not one entrusted to too many people. They are placed by society alongside mystics and scientists. Poets are important but unapproachable. 

But poets have lost ground. It’s because of the reputation that they carry. Being aloof has its advantages. Still, it doesn’t help get people to listen. Folk-rock poets used to make the world want to listen to them. 

Hatchling’s Shadow Of You echoes the tradition of folkies who could write a hit, and not by accident. There’s a strong poetic vision here. It is, however, balanced by a strong, modern pop sensibility. These are well-crafted words. They’re designed to wash over the audience like a familiar radio chorus. 

Straight White Teeth – Forever and a Day

Similar artists: The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Olivia Tremor Control, Daniel Johnston

Genres: Folk rock, Folk, Americana

We all love songs that make us feel balanced. Many of the best songs deal with emotional irregularity. They often deal with bad behavior. Most often, these are songs that channel some deep sense of drama. 

Still, if crafted well, they make us feel at ease. It’s like reading a book on bank robbers before going to bed. It’s like watching a shootout movie scene just to calm down. 

The very best songwriters know this. This understanding helps them cross the line. It helps them to be daring with the subject matter of their lyrics. Listeners demand tragedy and relief all at once. 

Straight White Teeth’s Forever and a Day sounds like The Beatles writing a jingle for a suicide note. It’s a beautifully heartbreaking song. It’s built off a strong foundation of gorgeous melodies and intimate singing. But it’s bound to punch you in the gut just as well. Could it all be so simple? Yes, when tragedy and warmth are married so seamlessly. 

Hatchling - Shadow Of You


Straight White Teeth - Forever and a Day




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