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Lights out: SUBZEN and Doo Crowder reviewed

SUBZEN and Doo Crowder reviewed

Doo Crowder – Pain

Genre: Classic Rock, Art Rock

Doo Crowder writes modern, psychedelic rock that seems to accompany unwritten Lewis Carroll stories. This is rock that appeals to strange fancies. 

When Tom Waits began exploring strange sounds and recording techniques, incorporating instruments produced by him, the world was shocked for a whole minute. After all, Waits was a man that had borne a scene. It included the kind of hipsters born 20 years too late, and unwilling to sacrifice anything to modernity. 

By the time that minute had elapsed, his old pals and frequent champions of his work, were ready to embrace his new recordings with open arms. This was a new brand of weirdness, delivered with a new voice. Clearly, Waits had never been a writer to restrict his impulses in seeking out oddities. 

Doo Crowder is a writer whose work functions under similar parameters. Here’s a songwriter whose visions are plucked from strange universes. His sound is a mix of new and old, the classic rock band scoring a play out in Germany. Pain gaits like a drunk cat watching the old from the rooftops. 


Genre: Post-grunge, Grunge, Alternative Rock

Subzen creates a dynamic alt-rock song that recalls the early 90s rock scenes at their best.

Most of the great songs, just like most of the great stories, know how to use the element of surprise. The majority of the great writers know that they need to hold their best cards glued to their chest. 

The great reveal is supposed to be the “Tadaa!” moment. The best writers are the ones that can give the audience the same thing they’ve heard a million times, but make them feel like it’s the first time, as if they’re being let in on a great secret. 

Subzen could just slalom their way through their single Columbia. They have the power, especially in the pummeling guitar riffs and the high flying vocals. But, they know how to hold their greatest tricks ready for the moment that the roller coaster reaches its peak. This is forward-thinking grunge that looks towards the future. 

Doo Crowder - Pain






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