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In a blaze and a haze: Sweet Nobody and Nigel Young reviewed by Alt77

Sweet Nobody and Nigel Young reviewed by Alt77

Nigel Young – Citrus Fuze

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

For those artists, with an overactive imagination, the format of rock n’ roll is simply irresistible. Where is one able to draw upon their strangest, most colorful sonic visions and, potentially, deliver a finished result to hordes of impressionable youngsters?

Psychedelic rock is, especially, a kind of group meditation, or frankly, an open invitation for everyone in the crowd to get wild, lose themselves, and trip out. Other than football matches in Europe where the audiences end up being each other up, society doesn’t quite encourage this sort of display of public dreaming. 

Nigel Young’s Citrus Fuze burns with the fervor of psychedelic rock that was forged back out in dingey, dirty clubs with the help of distorted guitars and invoking the kind of twisted, bizarre energy that would make Syd Barrett nervous. 

Sweet Nobody – Other Humans

The original shoegaze bands may have resembled drug degenerates. And, well, for once, looks were not deceiving. Still, even though their music contained layers upon layers of guitar distortion and feedback, really, they just wanted to write the kind of songs that Brian Wilson or Phil Spector might give them a pat on the back for. 

If that is not a testament to a plan that was hard to describe, but crystal-clear in the minds of Wilson and Spector, I don’t know what is. Even those really cool guys and gals wearing leather jackets in the summer and aviator glasses in dorrs, really just want to hum the prettiest songs ever written. 

The folks from Sweet Nobody are heading on a similar trajectory on their Other Humans single. Taking on the classic format of songwriting and twisting it upside down, they create a thick, melodic jam created to soundtrack your summer melancholy. 

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