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Led Zeppelin Albums Ranked

Led Zeppelin is one of the most important, and most often copied bands in the history of rock music. This has done a lot to fill the cophers of the four British musicians. But, it has also affected their reputation. At their best, Led Zeppelin was an innovative, wildly…
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Great height: 51 Grados and Hamish Anderson review

Hamish Anderson – Everything Starts Again Genre: Classic Rock Similar artists: Badfinger, Pete Townshend, Gary Clark Jr. Some of rock’s most enduring myths involve albums that cost fortunes to make, that nearly broke bands apart, and that resulted…
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Retro stars: Ben Burr and Orange Animal reviewed

Orange Animal – The Beach Genre: Classic Rock, 90s Rock, Alternative Rock Neil Young’s The Ditch trilogy was one of the first examples of a North-American recording artist seemingly turning his back on the sounds and aesthetics that had made him a rich…
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The searchers: Breather and Walter Longscott reviewed

Walter Longscott – Writing On the Wall They say that one of Dire Straits’ first famous fans was none other than Bob Dylan, who was a figure revered throughout the music world at the tail-end of the 1970s as he is now. The Bard knew he’d heard something…

Bob Dylan may have refused a $400 million offer for his back catalog

News that Bob Dylan has opted to sell his publishing rights for around $300 million surprised many fans. However, it seems that the esteemed songwriter may have also received a $400 million offer. Rolling Stone magazine reported on the story. They claim that sources…