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MOR and Sonder Reviewed

MOR – Where Does It Go? (No, Yeah, I Don’t Know) Similar artists: GRANT, Kite, Fredrik Okazaki, Massive Attack Genre: Indietronica One of the best ways that your ears can naturally remix a song is to hear it from a distance. Led Zeppelin will sound like…
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Katmando x Pussel and Jacob Robillard Reviewed

Katmando x Pussel – Never Let It Go  Similar artists: Off The Meds, Baba Stiltz, Yung Lean Genre: Indietronica Where does the chorus to a song go? Have a listen to about a hundred songs from the classic era of rock n’ roll, preferably ones that you don’t…
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The dance way: Happy Hollows and Big Softy review

Big Softy – Support Song Similar artists: Underworld, LCD Soundsystem Playing music and doing magic tricks both prize the art of misdirecting. It must be a great job. Fool as many people as you can, and they will love you for it. Make them believe in things…