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The dance way: Happy Hollows and Big Softy review

Big Softy – Support Song Similar artists: Underworld, LCD Soundsystem Playing music and doing magic tricks both prize the art of misdirecting. It must be a great job. Fool as many people as you can, and they will love you for it. Make them believe in things…
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Modern discipline: Arswain and LUC reviewed

LUC – Glow Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock There are a few things that made the drum machines superior to any drummer one might hope to employ. First of all, they play with incredible precision the parts that a normal drummer would get bored of and start to…
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Modern times and old dreams: MAZEPPA and Phondupe reviewed

Phondupe – Silo As early as the 1950s, folks yielding guitars and their associates, manically trying to keep time by banging the drums, were greeted as apostles of the impending Apocalypse, spewing out truths that could decay the heart of millions.  While…
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Don’t turn away: Farees and Pixel Grip reviewed

Pixel Grip – Pursuit It’s always dangerous, if you’re trying to be a critic of anything, to know too much about the subjects you’re reviewing. Knowing what to expect, which boxes to stick them into, what artists your subjects are ripping off, makes…

Thom Yorke, Burial, and Four Tet collaborate on new single

Thom Yorke, Burial, and Four Tet have worked together on two new songs. These have been released in the form of a 12″ record that will enjoy a limited release of just 300 copies. The number of available copies will, no doubt, make the record something of an…