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Backstrom (feat. Bart Topher) - Backstrom

There’s a reason why some of the great novelists don’t attempt to write their debut until they are well into their 50s. They need, at least, one great story to tell, and without having lived enough, there’s no reason to expect that a tale of this importance will just…
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Youngest Sibling and One Last Job Reviewed

Youngest Sibling – This Old Brain Similar artists: Daniel Johnston, Field Medic, Guided By Voices, Radiator Hospital Genre: Indie Folk, Indie Pop Great songs can come out of any place, can crawl out of nowhere and can be authored by the most unlikely of…
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MOFGY and Nathaniel Bellows Reviewed

MOFGY – Whoop-De-Doo Similar artists: SlobHeads, PLAY DEAD, Dread FM, Baby Dave Genre: Folk rock The world is short on any great villains. Even the billionaire emerald-mine owners are a parody of evil and more aking to desperate weeping babies. All this…
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Bison Bone and Deap Vally Reviewed

Bison Bone – It’s All The Same Similar artists: Drive-By Truckers, Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Justin Townes Earle Genre: Folk rock, Americana, Alt Country If it is true, and indeed, it has to be, that bad times are awaiting each and every one of us, you…
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Dustin McKamie - A Good Man Down Review

From sports to politics and, sadly, to music, our modern world seems to be controlled by unrepenting cheaters. Emotional honesty is as rare as a snowstorm in the Kalahari. But that is exactly what Dustin McKamie is looking to capture on the debut album “A Good Man…
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Spent with Care: Maffa Rico and If By Whiskey

If By Whiskey – Eliza Similar artists: Built To Spill, Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel, Guided By Voices, Car Seat Headrest Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock, Dream Pop If By Whiskey feel no shame or pressure in trying to create a pure classic with their latest…
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Eve of discontent: Paul Bergmann and Tribes

Tribes – Hard Pill Similar artists: D.I.D, Spector, The Crookes Genre: Grunge. Garage Rock, Alternative Rock Guitar music is at its best when the songs created in this style attempt to reveal some kind of universal truth. There are a few things we all have in…