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Somehow Hopeful: Calico Mantra and The Butchers Reviewed

The Butchers – It´s not my fault Similar artists: King Buffalo, Greenleaf, All Them Witches Genre: Stoner Rock Most record labels, of the ones still stubbornly loitering around, do not sign bands and draw up their career path based on the power of their…
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Classical thrills: SkyDxddy and DOOM GONG reviewed

DOOM GONG – Hour in the Sun Similar artists: King Gizzard, Frank Zappa, Piero Umiliani, Astrud Gilberto, Post Animal, Tchaikovsky Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Dream Pop Should musicians be able to play their instruments competently? Most music critics…
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Nihilistically yours: Mrs. Henry and Ivan Utkin

Ivan Utkin – Shame Similar artists: Beck, Radiohead, Alice In Chains Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock The rockers of the 1960s may have been responsible for teaching their audiences to take to the streets and protest. Many remember those days fondly, and…